Welcome to the EOFFTV Review

This is the home for all of the reviews that once resided on the main EOFFTV (Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television) website. It was moved to WordPress on Saturday 3 July 2010 after our host provider let us down and will now remain here in its permanent home. In order to separate out the purely factual information that forms the backbone of EOFFTV and the more opinionated material, The EOFFTV Review was created to play host to not only the many reviews that were on the main EOFFTV site but also the weird and wonderful material formerly confined to the Kev’s Cupboard blog.

Find your way around the reviews by browsing the main categories to the right or using the search function (and of course main EOFFTV pages will also be linked here once the site is restored) and watch out for more functionality to be added in due course.

A note about spoilers

Inevitably, there are going to be spoilers a-plenty throughout the sight so please take care when reading reviews of films or TV shows you haven’t yet seen.

And a note about rewrites

Equally inevitably some of the opinions – those by myself  – will have changed over time (some of these reviews were first written up to two decades ago) and a degree of rewriting is taking place. It would be an exceptional viewer indeed whose opinions remained rock solid and unaltered by the passage of time and films I’ve previously dismissed I might now find more agreeable in my dotage. And indeed vice versa. So please don’t be too surprised if a review suddenly changes – some subtly, others less so, most not at all – in the future.